Gwangju students and city officials pay a visit to Medan

Photo taken by Antara.

Untuk tulisan ini, saya tulis dalam bahasa Inggris supaya banyak orang dapat membacanya. (Pfft.)

Sorry if my English is highly broken. I tried my best, even when I am tired from studying.

As of the title represents, twenty students and also the city officials from Gwangju were welcomed by city government of Medan, held specially in my school, SMA Negeri 1 Medan, yesterday.

I know this is a good moment between Gwangju and Medan as two sister cities to strengthen mutual bonds, but on another side, I feel so embarassed seeing my friends and others crowded them who delegated by Gwangju to pay a visit to her sister city. They felt… so confident to talk and taking pictures with them.

How about me? Don’t ask about it. I was sleeping in the class and felt sleepy when teachers, principals, school staffs, and students were busy to welcome them.

This is not the first time Gwangju and Medan do similar like this. There were so many events happened between us. Exchange students, invited to watch South Korea delegates on World Cup, exchanging the street names between two cities, and more.

Before they come, all aspects of our extracurriculars and clubs, such as Scouts, Sola Gratia (song choir), and Theater Club, had been working for days to prepare so much to ensure the welcoming ceremony is as good as expected. Thus, the welcoming ceremony went running smoothly.

I didn’t expect too much from the welcoming ceremony. Nevertheless, my school is not only one their sole destination. There must be many destinations where they should be visit. And so, as always, they would be only in my school for one day. No exchange students. Just another school trip.

There were funny stories I heard from my friends when the welcoming ceremony happened. One of my friends told to me that one of the girls from Gwangju students has the same height as mine. About one point eighty centimeters. Then I replied to him calmly because I thought she is normal to have such height.

Another funny story that might be interesting for you. So one of my friends was going into the toilet and met one of the boys from Gwangju students. From that moment, he got his Line username. And yes, he really did it. I didn’t know what charm he used to persuade him, but I am sure, he was really excited when he got his Line username. He sure really liked to met new people, not only in real life but also in social media as well.

To be honest, I only viewed what the students did for a bit. After welcoming ceremony ended, all of the Gwangju students were crowded by girls and boys from my school. Maybe they wanted to ask about anything they’d like or asked for their social media. Oh, they also wanted to take selfies with them.

And I, as always, only saw all of them calmly from far.

Unexpectedly, each one of the students came to our classes and took selfies as well. The girls in my class were being so happy, which could be seen from their faces.

After taking pictures, they left us souvenirs. From what I saw, they left a handkerchief, a badge, and… sticker which contains gold? Ah, but still I don’t know which their school is. The only hint is Universiade Gwangju 2015, which is lead to an international universities olympiad held in Gwangju this summer.

Hence, I thought that one month for a trip around Medan and nearest tourist places in Sumatera Utara for them is not enough, haha. I guess they should add some time to enjoy what we have in the city. I hope in next time there would be more satisfying events between our two linked cities. 🙂


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