Hello there! Missed me so long?

Okay. Just reminded that i am fine and okay at this time.

Nah, so, from all time i only wrote my blog with Indonesian. Now i wanted to try write in English. And it was so as hard as i haven’t ever write this stuff before. You know, because i am rarely write like this again when i was taking course in somewhere… and i have left from there. I have no longer study there.

And now… what should i write later? Hmm, maybe i would write full story at exactly one fasting month. Yeah, i have been at Bromo, Pacitan beaches, then went to some my father family’s houses, got some THR.

Now i just want to write about.. AFA. Anime Festival Asia. The most outrageous Japan-culture event in the Southeast Asia. Started from Singapore, then it spreaded to Malaysia and finally appeared in Indonesia. I know, you know, and might be everyone know, that this AFA Indonesia, would be amazingly cool. Many cosplays, many booths containing sophisticated items, and many popular singers and also great performances would be available there. But somehow, it would be worse. Why? I have read the report from my friend and thought that this time, AFA got huge success than i thought. It was more amazingly crowded than when i went to Santika Dyandra Medan to see a computer expo event. Yet it got the huge success, it couldn’t handle what should be responsible for the minus of there. You can read why.

ごめんなさい. Sorry if my English is bad. > <


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