Haven’t cycled for a while, and then..

Yeah, for a long time ago, i missed up back my bicycle. And today, i tried to cycle around my complex.

It was so sick after that bicyling event, but after that too i was being suck at cycling. Why? It was sooooooo fucking dizzy. I even didn’t know, why my brain felt so sick. But i ignored it.

While bicycling, i also tried to use Strava. It is an application used to measure how long we have ridden, from point A to point B. There are also many alternatives for this application, such as Endomondo etc. But i preferred to use this app because it is free, and also free from piracy (yeah, you know that many premium app in Android could be installed without using payment, and just install the apk files).

Here is my route. And also this route due to coincidence click.

Short, eh? Yes. Why they were short routes, i have explained before at above.


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